Program Overview

The Adventure City site is a fun, colorful, interactive and motivating website suitable to meet the needs of young English learners from various linguistic backgrounds.

Behind this mission lies the pedagogical rationale that early foreign language instruction can promote understanding and appreciation for different cultures and values as well as develop positive attitudes toward the language. Children learn languages quickly and efficiently. Children are more likely to develop a native-like pronunciation when exposed to the language at an early age. Acquiring a second language develops a child's cognitive abilities and general intelligence. This in addition to the Internet tool- a motivating factor can all enhance the language learning experience of young learners.

Who is Adventure City for?

The Adventure City site was designed with beginner learners of English in mind, particularly young pupils; from grades one to four.

Who developed Adventure City?

The Adventure city site is fruit of the combined efforts and cooperation between the a non-profit organization based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and the successful learning program for young learners. This collaboration of our areas of expertise, web-based learning with English for young learners gave rise to this successful and exciting online English learning environment suitable to the linguistic and developmental needs of children all around the world!

So what does Adventure City offer?

Adventure City develops basic vocabulary and communication skills in English as well as beginning reading and writing skills. Upon completion the website will provide 100 online learning hours, and will include the following eight units.

The units center around topics that are relevant to young learners. Each unit will include special features such as:
  • Interactive games
  • Interactive quizzes for each unit
  • Interactive online vocabulary builder
  • And much more!
The program develops basic literacy skills for the English language, cognitive skills, social skills and affective skills such as building self-confidence in English and a positive attitude towards the English language.

What are the goals of the Adventure City program?

  1. To enjoy learning English in a natural and fun environment
  2. To develop communication skills by providing a strong lexical and pragmatic base.
  3. To develop vocabulary along with literacy skills, including phonemic awareness and decoding skills based on vocabulary relevant to the experiences and surroundings of young children and in accordance with the context of the stories.
  4. To increase integration of the Internet as a teaching and learning tool into the school environment.

Which tools are available to the teachers using the program?

A Comprehensive, Online Teachers' Guide for every activity on the site.
On going support, and assistance to teachers or users of the program