1. The site operator, "Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web-Based Learning" (R.S. 58-034-463-8) (hereinafter: "Snunit", the "Center"), strictly respects the protection of copyrights and other intellectual property rights on the Internet, as well as the right to privacy and upholding one's good name, and considers all of them to be very important. Snunit makes considerable efforts to clarify this importance to any person (hereinafter: "User") making contact with the data banks and/or sites operated by it (to be hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Sites").

    Snunit hereby requests that every User strictly protect such rights, and notifies that such protection is a prerequisite for using its Sites.
  2. Despite this position of Snunit, since the Sites are used by many Users of all ages, violations of copyrights or other intellectual property rights may occur, as well as violations of the right to privacy and upholding one's good name. Such violations, if any should occur, shall be without Snunit's knowledge and in good faith.

    In addition to the foregoing, using material as part of student activity and/or other pedagogic activity in the Snunit Sites is deemed to be fair handling of creations, the sole aim of which is for self-learning, research, critique or review.

    Snunit undertakes to remove all violation and/or offensive material which shall be brought to its attention through the e-mail address appearing below, as soon as possible after being so contacted.
  3. Without derogating from the foregoing, the authors' rights included in the Sites, including to their names, the programs and information stored in them, and the auxiliary programs used for operating them (hereinafter: the "Information"), are the property of Snunit or of the owners thereof, who had stored the protected material in the Site, whether or not a copyright notice was included with respect to particular Information.
  4. Permission is hereby granted to the individual User to view the Information stored in the Sites operated by Snunit, to download contents from the Sites and print material stored in the Sites, if and only if all of the following conditions obtain:

    4.1 The Information will not be used for profit or commercial purposes;
    4.2 Downloading or printing the Information will be for personal use only; nonetheless, downloading or printing several copies of the Information is permitted, when this is needed for study or research purposes, provided that each of the copies shall bear the legend: "All rights reserved by Snunit Center (R.S. 58-034-463-8)" or, in the case where the Information pages contain a notice concerning copyrights of any other entity, a similar notice attributing the copyrights to such entity;
    4.3 No change, distortion, processing or any other action is taken, that may derogate from the Information;
    4.4 The Information is not stored in other sites on the Internet;
    4.5 No use is made of a graphic or text portion of an Information page stored in the Site separately from such Information page, unless the Site's operator's prior written consent is obtained;
    4.6 Any copying, distribution, sending, transmission or publications of Information stored in the Site, which was not expressly permitted in this Section, is prohibited, unless the prior written consent of the Site's operator or the owner of the copyright to the Information is obtained.
  5. The Information is offered as is, and Snunit is in no way responsible for the Information and the use thereof, including without limitation any warranty of quality and correctness of the Information, the modification thereof by the User or any third party, its being up to date, legal or moral.

    Snunit is entitled to modify the Information at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  6. Snunit is not responsible for the Information being in good technical condition, and does not guarantee that no damage of any kind was caused to the Information by other Users, including insertion of viruses.
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  8. It is hereby clarified that in the event that any of the Sites operated by Snunit enable interactive use, the User shall have no rights to the information, data, ideas and methods that he may transfer to the Site, and Snunit may use them at its sole discretion, without obtaining the User's consent, including processing, storing and disseminating same.
  9. Some of Snunit's Sites contain links to other sites. All of the provisions of these Terms of Use shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to such links.

    It is clarified, that the links have been intended solely for the User's convenience, and there are no legal and/or commercial relationships between Snunit and external Sites that do not belong to Snunit (hereinafter: "Third Parties' Sites"), nor does Snunit have any control over, responsibility for or rights to the contents therein presented.

    The existence of links to Third Parties' Rights is not to be interpreted as Snunit's approval, consent, recommendation or preference of or for such Sites, including all materials contained therein, the operators thereof and/or the products presented therein.
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