Unit nameFamily (unit # 1)
ThemeFamily: family related vocabulary and activities
Number of Lessons5
Learning Goals At the end of this unit pupils will be able to recognize, understand and use:
  • Family related vocabulary.
  • Objects in the home.
  • Actions.
  • Sentence structure and instructions such as:
    • Where is ...
    • Where are ...
    • Click on the ...
    • Find the ...
    • Look and listen ...
    • Put the ...
    • Drag the picture ...
    • Match the ...
  • Function words: a, an
StoryMeet the Monsters
Key Vocabulary Family:
mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, baby, me
yellow, blue, black, orange, pink, purple, green, white,
Objects in the home:
window, bed, mat, picture
Get up, get dressed, go to sleep, eat dinner, put on pajamas, learn in school, brush teeth
Additional vocabulary:
near, in, on, quiet, under, moon, ball, balloon,

Activity nameDescriptionLearning Goals
1. My Family This activity consists of an interactive picture puzzle of a family. Pupils are required to listen to the instructions and drag these family members to the correct places in the family portrait. Introduce the vocabulary of the unit and develop listening comprehension.
mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, me, family
2. Family tree Pupils are requested to click on the members of the family in the family tree and drag these members to the correct places in the tree. Building a family tree: recognize and use the family vocabulary.
Sentence structure:
"Drag the pictures of the family to the tree, one at a time."
3. Matching Colors Pupils are requested to click on the cards with the speaker icon, then listen to the color said aloud and match, (by dragging a line) to the correct color. Recognizing and using the colors.
black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white
Sentence structure: Listen to the word. Draw a line to the correct picture.
4. The Monster Home This activity is designed to introduce some of the vocabulary used in the Meet the Monster Story. Pupils are required to drag the objects in the bank to their correct places in the picture of the room above. Introducing objects in the home:
ball, balloon, window, mat, bed, picture, moon
Sentence Structure:
Drag the pictures to the correct place.
5. Story: Meet the Monsters Read the interactive story and then complete the reading comprehension activities.

Story: "Meet the Monsters" Get to know the monster family, learn what each monster can do. This story -written in simple English - was designed to use family related words , activities carried out in the home and certain objects that may be found in the home. It is an interactive story which uses the vocabulary and requires the readers to carry out an activity on every page! .
Sentence Structures:
Can you find?
My name is...
What can I (you) do?
You are...
toothbrush, balloon, ball, fly, jump and stamp, tall, small, sleepy, bed, mother, brother, sister
6. Color the Picture This activity reviews and combines the material learnt in the previous units. This is designed to encourage the pupils take an active role in their learning. The pupils are required to listen to the oral instructions and to follow through by coloring the appropriate object with the correct color. Developing listening comprehension.
Can you paint the things you hear?Paint the window yellow,Paint the bed brown, etc...
7. True or False How well did the pupils understand the "Meet the Monsters" story? This true or false activity will determine how much the pupils understood. Listening comprehension:
Based upon the actions introduced in the story. Pupils will be asked whether a certain picture describes a certain action (true or false).
Sentence structures:
Listen to the sentence, if the picture is correct click on the green button.
If the picture is wrong click on the red button.
The monster is...
brushing his teeth
clapping his hands
flying on a balloon
washing his face
8. My Day Things we do every day.Pupils are required to listen to the description of what this boy does each day. Then they are required to drag the appropriate picture to the correct places. Listening comprehension and sequencing.
Listen to the description of the action and drag the pictures to the correct place.
9. Quiz Multiple choice questions that test pupils' word-picture, and vocabulary knowledge. Assess the pupils' ability to recognize the vocabulary and sentence structures taught throughout this unit.
Assess the pupils' understanding of the online story taught in this unit.
includes all of the vocabulary taught throughout the unit; the family members the colors as well as actions and objects in the home.
Story: Meet the Monsters