Unit nameAt Home (unit # 2)
ThemeIn the Home: the family, the objects in the home and the things we do at home.
Number of Lessons5-6
Learning Goals At the end of this unit, pupils will be able to:
  • Recognize, understand, and use vocabulary referring to:
    • objects in the home
    • rooms and other parts of the house:
      floor, door, wall, roof etc.
    • family members
    • things we do at home
    • basic clothing vocabulary
  • Pupils will be able to follow aural instructions that include:
    • Click on the ...
    • Find the ...
    • Look and listen ...
    • Put the ...
    • Drag the picture ...
  • Differentiate between words based on initial sounds.
  • Predict the content of the online story.
StoryWhere's My Hat?
Key Vocabulary The Home:
wall, door, floor, window, roof
In the Home:
bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, chair, desk, table
Family members:
mother, brother, father, sister, me, grandmother, grandfather
brushing hair, brushing teeth, watching T.V. cooking dinner, eating lunch,
Boots, coat, scarf, hat,

Activity nameDescriptionLearning Goals
1. What's in the House? This activity consists of an interactive picture of a house. Pupils are required to listen to the instructions and click on the correct object in the house. Pupils are provided with clues from a bank of objects. Introduce the vocabulary of the unit and develop listening comprehension.
roof, floor, chair, window, wall, door, table
2. Who's at home? This activity consists of an interactive picture of a house. Pupils are required to listen to the instructions and place the people or the objects into the correct location in the house. Review, recognize and use the vocabulary of both this unit and unit 1. Include the following words: sofa, chair, table, bed, desk, as well as: sister, brother, father, mother, and in addition the rooms of the house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and office.
3.Listen, Listen This is a revised concentration game based on audio recognition of the words. Pupils are required to click on two cards, they will hear two words. Then pupils are required to remember the location of the card and find two cards with the same words. Audio recognition and review of the vocabulary words from the unit. Parts of the house: roof, wall, window, door, floor and the rooms of the house: bathroom, living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, house
4. Dress the Snowman This is an open and creative activity in which the pupils are asked to dress the snowman. The pupils may choose to dress the snowman in any of the clothing or accessories provided in the bank. As the pupils click on the piece of clothing or accessory they will hear the name of the object. Introduction to the vocabulary of basic clothing and accessories such as: boots, scarf, hat, sunglasses.
5. Falling Down Pupils should click on the object when they hear its name. The object appears in the parachute. Recognizing the home vocabulary :
rooms in the home, bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, hat, table, door, floor, roof, coat, boots, scarf, chair, gloves,
6. Out you go! Pupils are asked to listen to the words and choose the word that begins with a different sound. Recognizing the different initial letter sounds of the following words:
bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, sister, grandmother, grandfather, roof, room, house, scarf, house, hat, wall, father, window, me, mother, sister, cat, car, door
7. Prediction Before reading the story pupils are asked a few questions regarding the possible content of the online story. Predict the content and context of the online story.
8. Story: Where's My Hat? Online narrated animated digital story with a cute twist.  
9. Things we do Listening comprehension of actions that we perform in the home. Pupils listen to a short description of an action performed in the home and then the pupils are asked to find and click on the picture of the person performing that action in the interactive house.
10. Quiz Multiple choice questions that test pupils' aural-visual recognition of the vocabulary presented throughout the unit. Pupils will also be assessed on their understanding of the online story-Where's My Hat? Assess the pupils' understanding of the vocabulary and sentence structures taught throughout this unit.
Assess the pupils' understanding of the online story taught in this unit.
includes all of the home and house related vocabulary taught throughout the unit, as well as clothes, actions and objects in the home. Story: Where's My Hat?