Unit nameMy Body (unit # 5)
Learning Goals
  • Pupils will be able to recognize the lower case and capital letters and sounds of the following letters. f,h,g,I,p,n,r,w,
  • Pupils will be able to understand, recognize and use vocabulary related to the parts of the face and the body.
  • Pupils will recognize and understand simple action phrases such as: standing on his/her head, clapping hands, touching toes, standing on one foot.
  • Pupils will understand instructions such as: Where is... where are... click on the... find the... look and listen... drag the picture... sit down, stand up, sleep, smile...
  • Pupils will be able to understand spoken instructions and draw simple clown faces. Pupils will be able to read and complete simple sentences.
  • Pupils will recognize the letters and their locations on the keyboard.
Topic/themeMy Body: Body and face related vocabulary and activities
Number of Lessons8 - 10
StoryLazy Jack
VocabularyHen, hands, hair, hamburger, hat, head, hippopotamus, house, neck, happy, horse, heart, leg, egg, bag, frog, fat, five, four, girl, dog, iguana, igloo, ice, ice cream, ears, eyes, Italy, ink, feet, foot, face, fingers, nose, penguin, picture, penny, pocket, pot, pizza, popcorn, nine, hen, nose, ten, can, man, pen, radio, ruler, rainbow, rope, roof, window, wipers, wolf, wheels, white, water ,tall, small, toes

Activity nameDescriptionLearning Goals
1. Where is everyone? Introduction to the vocabulary of the unit. Listen to the description of the characters and click on them. Vocabulary: hen, hands, legs, neck, toes, head, foot,
  • Clapping his/her head
  • Hands on head
  • Standing on one foot
  • Touching her toes
  • Standing on his/her head
2. F Monster- Letter Ff Feed seven objects that begin with the letter Ff to the trash can monster. Drag and drop the objects. Vocabulary: face, farmer, five, four, fingers, feet, frog
3. Where is the H? Recognizing initial sounds in words. Find the objects in the gym that begin with the initial sound /h/ (letter Hh). Vocabulary: hippopotamus, heart, house, horse, hat, hair, hen, hamburger
4. The Memory Game-Letter Gg Match the words to the pictures. Recognizing the sound /g/ in words. Vocabulary: egg, frog, bag, girl, leg, dog
5. It's Raining Letter Ii Level 1: Matching the picture to the initial letter Ii.
Level 2: Match the picture to the correct letter (out of three). Review of letters learnt until now.
Vocabulary: iguana, ink, ice, igloo, Italy, ears, eyes, nose, legs, feet,
6. Word Machine Phonemic awareness activity. Look at the picture and build the word. Pupils are asked to use the word machine to build short words using the letters taught throughout the unit. Example of words: man, can, sit, bat, ten
7. True or False- Letter Pp Look and listen. Pupils are asked to determine whether the sentence they hear represents the picture they see. If the answer is "true" pupils should click on the green button. If the answer is "false" the pupils should click on the red button. Introduction to the letter P and words that begin with P. penguin, pot, penny, panda, picture, pizza, popcorn,
8. Matching- Letter Nn Match the pictures to the words. This activity concentrates on the words that include the letter Nn. Vocabulary: nine, man, can, pen, ten, nose, hen
9. ABC in Space Learn the keyboard. Save the space shuttle by typing the letters you see on the objects in space. Don't let the objects hit the shuttle. Review of all letters taught until this point.
10. R for Race Race down the road. Watch out for objects on the way. Look and listen to the signs on the side of the road. Then choose the correct road to take according to the initial letter. Vocabulary: review of all vocabulary taught in this unit.
11. Matching-Letter Ww Match the pictures to the words. This activity concentrates on the words that include the letter Ww. Draw a line between the object and the word. Vocabulary: wheels, wipers, window, wolf, white, water
12. Letter Tetris Letter Tetris, learning the capital and small letters. Match the capital letters to the small letters as they fall. Capital and lower case letters for, Ff, Hh, Ii, Pp, Mm, Nn, Ww, Rr.
13. Draw a Clown Listen and read a description of a clown. Then draw the clown's according to the description. Vocabulary: red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, eyes, nose, ears, hair, big, small, legs, short, tall, long, feet, happy
14. I Can Read Short reading comprehension and cloze with a picture. Pupils will drag the correct word to complete the sentences. Vocabulary: cat, sat, fat, mat, big, small, tall, happy, love, boy, house, donkey, brown, dog, girl
15. Story-Lazy Jack Story Lazy Jack.
Listen to and read along with the story. Lazy Jack is a lazy boy who lives on a farm with his mother. They are very poor. Jack goes out to work every day and takes home his pay. But every day something happens and he doesn't get his pay home to mother.At the end of the story are three reading comprehension activities.
  1. Matching words to pictures: parts of the body
  2. Multiple choice questions regarding the story
  3. Sequencing; the days of the week.
Vocabulary: book, ruler, crayons, pencil, chair, purple, red, school, room, light, bed, door
16. Quiz Multiple choice questions that quiz the pupils' letter-sound recognition, initial sounds and vocabulary in addition to reading comprehension of simple sentences based upon the content of the unit. Letters: f,h,g,I,p,n,r,w
Vocabulary: all of the My Body related vocabulary taught throughout the unit as well as the prepositions, and the action vocabulary.