Unit nameIn the Zoo (unit # 6)
Theme Zoo: animal related vocabulary and activities
Number of Lessons8 - 10
Learning Goals At the end of this unit, pupils will be able to:
  • Recognize the following letters and their sounds:
    d, o, y, z, u, j, x, k, q, v
  • Recognize, understand, and use:
    • Animal related vocabulary
    • Number words from one until twenty.
    • Sentence structure and instructions such as:
      • Where is,
      • Where are...
      • Click on the...
      • Find the...
      • Look and listen...
      • Put the...
      • Drag the picture...
      • Match the...
    • function words: a, an
    • adjectives and their opposites.
    • colors
    • initial sounds and letters.
    • Alphabetizing
StoryA Small House
Key VocabularyAnimals:
dolphin, lion, monkey, giraffe, fish, bat, bear, bird, duck, donkey, zebra, octopus, kangaroo, dog, puppy, fox,
from zero to twenty
yellow, blue, black orange, pink, purple, green, white,
happy, sad, small, big, new, old, sit, stand, hot, cold, thin, fat, tall, short, angry,
Additional vocabulary:
near, in, on, aquarium, house, water,dad, desk, door, yo-yo, zoo, on, queen, quiet, under, umbrella, up, run, sun, jeans, jacket, box, taxi, jeep, kids, kite, quack, yes, no,

Activity nameDescriptionLearning Goals
1. Build the zoo This activity consists of an interactive picture of a zoo. Pupils are required to listen to the instructions and drag the animals to their appropriate homes. Introduce the vocabulary of the unit and develop listening comprehension.

Vocabulary: dolphin, lion, monkey, bat, duck, giraffe, bird, fish, aquarium, water, house, tree, tall, near, in, on
2. Find the D Pupils are requested to click on the objects that begin with the sound 'Dd' (the letter Dd). Recognizing the sound /d/ in words that begin with the letter d, ; dog, donkey, door, dad, desk, duck

Sentence structure: "Look at the picture". "Find all the things that begin with the letter Dd".
3. Letter Parachute: Y, Z, O Pupils are requested to look at the picture and listen to the word. Pupils must then click on the falling parachute that is labeled with the correct initial letter written on it. Recognizing the sound y, z, o in words that begin with those letters: yo-yo, yellow, zebra, zero, orange, on,
4. U,J, X Memory Game Pupils are requested to match the written word with the appropriate pictures of the objects in an interactive memory game. Recognizing the sound U, J, K

Recognizing and understanding words that begin with or include the letters U, J, K: up, under, run, sun, pup, umbrella, taxi, Max, jeans, jeep
5. "A" or "An" bubbles Matching "a" or "an" with the correct words. Determining the correct function word (a or an).
Review of all of the vocabulary until this point.
6. K, Q, V Desert Race Race down the road. Watch out for objects on the way. Look and listen to the signs on the side of the road. Then choose the correct road to take according to the initial letter. Developing listening comprehension.

Vocabulary: queen, quiet, quack, king, kids, kangaroo, video,
7. Number Tetris Learn the number words from one to twenty. Match the words with the numbers. Recognizing and reading number words.

Vocabulary: numbers from one to twenty.
8. Sorting Catch the falling boxes and put them into the correct places. Sort according to category: colors, numbers or animals. Listening comprehension and categorizing the vocabulary into three different groups.

Vocabulary: from this unit: animals, numbers and colors.
9. Matching Opposites Draw lines to connect the opposites. Reviewing the adjectives: big, small, tall, short, fat, thin, hot, cold, old, new, happy, sad,
10. The Safe Look and listen: find the pictures that match the initial letters. Levels two and three match words and sentences. Recognizing, reading and understanding.
Level one: Matching pictures to initial letters and sounds.
Level Two: Matching words to pictures.
Level three: Matching aural sentences to written sentences.
11. Comics Look at the pictures: drag the correct word that best describes the picture. Eliciting relevant information from visual clues. Recognizing characters and their feelings: adjectives: hot, angry, happy and sad.
12. Sequencing Practice alphabetizing by finding the missing letters. Alphabetizing
13. Story: A Small House Read the interactive story and then complete the reading comprehension activities.

Story: "A Small House" The family thinks they live in a small house. They turn to the wise old lady for help. The wise old lady helps the family learn how to be content with what they have!
Sequencing events from the story.

Understanding the feelings of characters in the story.
Vocabulary: animals, rooms in the home
14. Quiz Multiple choice questions that test pupils' letter-sound recognition, decoding skills and vocabulary knowledge. Assess the pupils' ability to recognize the letters taught throughout this unit.
Assess the pupils' understanding of the vocabulary and sentence structures taught throughout this unit.
Assess the pupils' understanding of the online story taught in this unit.

Letters: d, o, y, z, u, j, x, k, q, v,
Vocabulary: includes all of the animal and number related vocabulary taught throughout the unit, as well as colors and other adjectives.
Story: A Small House