Unit nameClothing and weather related subjects (unit # 8)
Theme Clothing and weather related subjects
Number of Lessons 8
Learning Goals At the end of this unit, pupils will be able to:
  • Recognize, read and use the weather and clothing related vocabulary, in the correct context.
  • Spell and type the weather and clothing words.
They will also:
  • Learn about the seasons and clothing.
  • Learn words with ‘blends’.
  • Learn words with long and short vowel sounds.
  • Be able to write a poem about the seasons.
  • Be able to write about their favorite season and vote for their choice.
  • Be able to write a short story based on one of the pictures or stories they have read on the website.
StoryThe Grasshopper and the Ant
Key Vocabulary Actions:
type, write, read, sleep, swim, buy, shop, wear, color, work, sort, predict, guess,
Summer, winter, fall, spring, sweater, boots, hat, shirt, skirt, sandals, scarf, mall, weather, seasons, store, shoes, expensive, inexpensive, inside, outside, usually, always, wear,

Long vowel with silent e: game, kite, time, bone, nine, cake, white, five, cute,

Long vowel: play, rain, feet, seed, cheese, sweet, day, eat, three, afraid, green, jeans,

Short vowel words: fall, summer, at, in, hat, on, under, winter,

Activity nameDescriptionLearning Goals
1. At the Shopping Mall A short video clip that shows two characters shopping. Listen to their conversation as they are looking into a store window. This video is designed to introduce the unit topic and vocabulary.
2. About the Mall A listening comprehension activity. Watch and listen to the video once again and then answer the multiple choice comprehension questions. Listening comprehension.
3. At the Mall Again Shopping simulation game, find the items on the shopping list and purchase the most economically and environmentally sound items. Remain within your budget, and shop quickly before you run out of time. Review the articles of clothing in a simulated shopping experience. Learn about environmentally friendly and economic factors when shopping.
4. Word Machine Listen to the sentence and look at the picture. Then build the sentence in the machine. Listening comprehension and sentence development.
5. Color the Clothes Read the dialogue between the two children who are describing their clothes. Then color the clothes according to the description. Both the summer and winter seasons are available. Reading comprehension.
6. Maze Run Jackie through the maze and take him home. Along the way collect the words he requests: long vowel words with silent e's, long vowel words and short vowel words. Review of the blends, the long and short vowel sounds, and and words.
7. Sorting Sort the words according to their blends. Learn commonly used letter blends.
8. What am I? 20 questions type activity. Read a short description and determine what it is describing. Then choose the correct word from the word bank and drag it to the correct place. Reading comprehension.
9. The Weather Read a short poem about the weather and the seasons; then answer multiple choice reading comprehension questions about the text. Reading comprehension – genre - poetry.
10. Magnet Poetry Use the words from the word bank to write your own weather poem. Creative and personal use of language, based upon the content taught throughout the unit.
11. My Favorite Season Complete the text. Write about the seasons we have studied in the unit. Creative and personal use of language, based upon the content taught throughout the unit.
12. Write a Book! Write a short story based on one of the pictures taken from the online digital stories which are included in Adventure City. Use the information, the content and the vocabulary taught throughout the unit and the entire website and write an open piece based upon one picture.
13. Prediction Three short activities that provide assistance in predicting the content of the online story: The Grasshopper and the Ant. Correct prediction of the content of the online story: The Grasshopper and the Ant, which will be read in the following step.
14. The Grasshopper and the Ant Read the online story, The Grasshopper and the Ant and then complete the reading comprehension activities. The learning goals of this story are to provide the pupils with a literary piece that is written at the approximate reading level of the pupils. The story is fully animated and fully narrated which provides full visual and audio input while reading the story. The multi-modal input increases the comprehension of the story. In addition, this story deals with a value issue regarding the work ethic of the grasshopper in comparison to the ant.
15. After you Read Reading comprehension activities.
Pupils are given multiple-choice questions that test the pupils’ understanding of the story.
The learning goals of the two reading comprehension activities are to determine the level of the pupils’ understanding of the different components as well as the sequence of events of the story.
16. Quiz Multiple choice quiz that tests all aspects of the unit, from vowel and consonant blends, to word recognition and understanding, writing sentences and short stories, as well as reading and comprehending short texts, poems and the digital storybook. Understand and recognize the sequence of events, based upon the content of the unit. The learning goals of the quiz are to determine the pupils’ overall level of understanding of the content of Unit 8 - clothing and weather.